Puncture proof inner tubes

About Our Sizing

Stopaflat tubes are "Size Specific" to a tyre and care should always be taken when matching the tube to the tyre. Please note that our 1.75 sizes will fit a 1.90 standard tyre. Tyre width markings are clearly embossed on the outside wall of a tyre. However there can be variations between tyre manufacturers and tread designs.

Occasionally it may be necessary to fit a larger or smaller
tube than indicated by the tyre size to correct this. A simple test is to insert the tube into the tyre, pinch the beads together and measure from bead to bead. This should be around 20mm of the internal width of the rim.

If in doubt please consult your local dealer who will be happy to advise on sizing and fitting.

Our Stopaflat XT range is extra tough and made from a different formula, ideally suited for hire bikes and bike share schemes. Our Stopaflat XT tubes are red in colour, so as to distinguish the tube from our regular Stopaflat tubes, which are yellow. The XT range is also suitable for use in E-Bikes.


12 1/2 x 1 75 x 2 1/4 (47-203)
12 1/2 x 2 1/4(62-203)
16 x 1 75R (47-305)
16 x 2 125 (57-305)
20 x 1 75 (47-406)
20 x 2 125 (57-406)
24 x 1 75N (47-507)
26 x 1 95 (50-559)
26 x 2.125 (57-559)
27.5 x 2.1 (56-584)

14 x 2.40 (64-254)
16 x 2.40 (64-305)

24 X 1.25 Stopaflat XT (32-507)
26 x 1.95 Stopaflat XT (50-559)
700 x 35c Stopaflat XT (37-622)
700 x 38c Stopaflat XT (40-622)
Weight Limits:

Regular Stopaflat: weight limit of 200 lbs per bike
Stopaflat XT: weight limit of 300 lbs per bike

Please contact us if you have a specific application you think we may be able to assist you with.

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