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Puncture proof inner tubes


WHO CAN USE  stopaflat

Stop-A-Flat is great for, amongst other things:

Kids: No more puncture problems for parents. Stop-A-Flat keeps them riding and you smiling!

The Casual Enthusiast: Perfect for the casual cyclist that wants to enjoy a continuous, hassle-free ride.

Strollers & Trailers: The 12” & 16” Stop-A-Flat inner tubes are excellent for use on prams, buggies, strollers and trailers. Even users of electric carts or other lightweight vehicles can benefit greatly from the economic, hassle-free Stop-A-Flat puncture-proof inner tubes.

Low-Cost Transport: Employees needing reliable, low-cost transport? Stop-A-Flat is the ideal solution to ensure their bikes keep taking them where they need to be.

Wheelchairs & Other Wheeled Mobility Aids: Wheelchair users benefit from the reliable, puncture-free mobility that Stop-A-Flat offers.

Share Bikes: Stop-A-Flat inner tubes are ideal for rental bikes, ensuring hassle-free, puncture proof riding for cyclists.


Ongoing Research and Development:

We at Stop-A-Flat are continually seeking to improve our product and expand upon its uses and applications.

We have recently introduced Stop-A-Flat XT which is a more robust tube, ideally suited for share bike schemes, electric bikes, e-bikes and hire bikes.

Additional sizes to our range include 14 x 2.40 and 16 x 2.40 tubes which are specifically for popular kids bikes and we have recently introduced 27.5 x 2.10.